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Silver Spring, Maryland 20904
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The educational program at Smart-Ed Early Learning Center is based on sound principles of child development. We focus on learning through active participation, exploration and experimentation. Our goals are to give children a sense of worth by helping them develop at their own individual pace while learning basic skills. We want the children to feel confident and secure enough to explore and grow in a stimulating educational and social environment.

We acknowledge and utilize the role of play in the development of children. Play allows children to be curious, creative, inventive and imaginative in an environment that encourages emotional well-being, socialization, communication, cognitive processes and motor skills.

We are committed to promoting and supporting all aspects of a child’s growth in an atmosphere of respect, equality and non-discrimination. Children participate in a variety of individual and group activities designed to:

  • Develop language and reading/writing readiness skills
  • Enhance physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth
  • Develop skills and attitudes, which will increase their ability to succeed in life. We strive to build a sense of community for children and family, and to enhance each child’s self-concept.
  • We do not believe in pushing children and do not pressure children to achieve. By providing the stimulating, safe and fun environment children can progress and grow at their own pace and in a manner that will support a life-long quest for learning and growth.
  • We see each child as a unique child and daily routine and plans reflect their interest, ability and needs. Each child receives high quality care and attention in a safe environment. We make every effort to make child feel loved and cared for unconditionally.

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